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Financial Management with Excel: NPV, IRR, EVA, Investment Valuation, Assets, Cash Budget, and much more. 

Savings Planner for Excel

NPV, IRR, ROIC, EBIT calculation, fixed/balloon payments( interest and principal), cost of equity, cost of debt, cost of capital, income taxes scheduling, and more

How to calculate loan payments, NPV, IRR, Interest, Principal with Excel (Excel templates download)

iPhone Data Recovery

If your device is locked because of a lost or forgotten password, or it got smashed, dropped into water, damaged, or even broken, no need to fret. All is not lost! If your device has ever been successfully connected with iTunes, it's possible to get back the lost data from the broken device directly without backup. If you have backups in iTunes or iCloud, you can also recover lost data from iTunes or iCloud backup. To help you rescue the data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch which suffers from situations mentioned above, this iPhone Data Recovery will provide the best way to recover lost contacts, photos, text messages, WhatsApp, iMessages, videos/music, call history, notes, etc. from your broken device. Platform: Windows 98 or later.

Dr.Fone - iOS Full Suite

Recover lost data directly from iOS portable devices and, as well as extract backups from iTunes. Very popular tool. Platform: Windows 8, 7, XP.

Wondershare TunesGo - iOS & Android Devices

Must-Have Phone Manager.

Broken Android Data Extraction

Broken Android Phone Data Extraction fixes crashed, frozen or locked Android phone to normal and extracts data for backup on Windows 10/8/8.1/7.

Android Data Recovery

FoneLab for Android is great data recovery software for Android users. It can recover lost data, including Text Messages, Message Attachments, Contacts, Call History, Photos, Pictures, Videos, Audio and Documents. Platform: Windows 95 or later.

Flip PDF

Flip PDF is your easy way to batch convert ordinary PDF files into stunning booklets with amazing page-flipping animations and sound! Imagine being able to create digital magazines and catalogs that behave like actual paper books without any programming work! Once you've created your page-flipping masterpiece in Flip PDF, you can publish it to the web, via email, and even distribute it on CD-ROM, all without paying royalties! Platform: Windows 98 or later. 30-day money back guarentee!

TechnoRiverStudio Professional

TechnoRiverStudio (SmartCodeStudio) is the industry-leading label design and barcode printing software. It features seamless support for Multi-Language labels. You can put English, Japanese, French and Chinese characters on the same label layout. This helps you design labels for products for the international market.

TechnoRiverStudio is shipped with some of the most modern barcodes. They include

(1) ISBN13
(2) Circular barcodes for printing on CD or DVD
(3) QR Code that accepts Kanji input and
(4) RSS14 (Reduced Space Symbology) encoding.
(5) HIBC
(6) GS1-DataBar
(7) GS1-128
(8) 13-digit ISMN

If you need to automate barcodes printing tasks within your organization, TechnoRiverStudio exposes an advanced commandline interface that can be invoked programmatically.

Integration with existing software infrastructure is easy. TechnoRiverStudio includes enterprise features for scanning a directory or mailbox. Any clients (including mobile devices) connected to the network can communicate with TechnoRiverStudio by sending print requests to the directory or mailbox.

TechnoRiverStudio offers many powerful features like WYSIWYG label design, image acquisition, image/vector graphics support, rich text formatting, advanced print options, circular text, clipart library, white on black text, flexible barcode settings, database integration, records filtering, print process management, mail merging, serialization and expandable label stock database. The user interface is highly intuitive and easy to use.

TechnoRiverStudio's robust barcode engine is highly accurate. It implements all the widely used 1D/2D barcodes in the industry : CODE128, CODE39, CODE39 FULL ASCII, CODE93, EAN13, EAN8, I2OF5, ISBN, ISSN, MSI, ,POSTNET, RATIONAL CODABAR, RSS14, RSS14 Limited, RSS14 Stacked, RSS14 Stacked OmniDirectional, RSS14 Truncated, S2OF5, UCCEAN128, UPCA, UPCE, UPC Extension 2, UPC Extension 5, PDF417, QR Code and Datamatrix. Platform: Windows 98 or later.

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NPV, IRR, Templates
EVA Templates
Cash Flow Budget
Forecast + NPV and IRR

Set of Financial Spreadsheets

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financial spreadsheets set

Investment-Calc Solutions IRR & NPV

Capital improvement investment analysis - quick and easy way to evaluate improvement projects - cash flows - rate of returns- net present values and much more. Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, OS X.

Excel Analytics For Management

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Bank & Credit Card Management and much more.

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US Continuing

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The perfect solution for your research into American stocks with Excel with continuing access to our databases and spreadsheets downloads.

American stocks with Excel

Excel database and spreadsheets helps you to correctly predict the movement of stock prices using volume signals, momentum and most oversold criteria.

Easy tracking stock histories with our ready to use formulas and tables.

Find the top highest momentum stocks (using Relative Strength Index scores).

Find the top highest price gainers % over your selected number of days.

Find potential recovery stocks - highest losers % over your selected number of days.

Find the top highest volume gainers % (todays volume/50 day average ratio).

Research stocks of interest to you with flexible combining of technical data values.

Easy pull up of latest price and volume trending charts.

Refresh your knowledge of Big Data Excel formulas and equations - easy to follow and copy.

Develop your own correlations and regressions, find recurring patterns and cycles.

Register with us and access the databases and spreadsheets all the time.

System requirements. Any version of Excel.

Platforms: Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS, Mac, OS X - Macintosh, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Phone 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

Please note that World's Microsoft Excel information resources are giant!

Definitions of Information Resources

One of old definitions of IR is immediate product of the intellectual activity of the most skilled and creative active working-age population. But information resources are not necessarily the product of labor. If, say, an employee said the head of the state of health or spirits, when performing work, then this message can in some sense be for the head of an important information resource for manufacturing. Therefore it is necessary to find a more general wording. One of another wording: when defining the concept of information resources can be a promising approach, when this concept is linked to the purpose of the development and implementation of different, whether it be scientific, organizational, administrative or other decisions dealt with the information side, with an information component. Then the information resource can be called all the information that lies at the base of the chain, culminating achievement of this goal. Naturally, such a formulation of the question requires to consider the information resources, taking into account the different levels of their presence from the ground up to achieve the completion of the entire chain of the goal. It is possible to develop a classification or classification system.

It is important, however, to determine information side of referred to above. It should be noted that this information side in the economic literature understood in the narrow sense. The word "resources" contains some semantic connotations: it makes us think that we are talking about something completely distant from its creator and the future user. The value of information is essentially linked with the history of its reception and the specific situation of its application. Further, the this concept will be discussed at various levels.

Enterprise Level

Let us now consider the chain of objectives in relation to the enterprise level of economy. As is known, the production system can be divided on the basis of the content of the functional subsystems united to complex homogeneous elements and relationships: technical, economic, social and organizational. It is required spesific information for management to control each of these subsystems. Also, enterprise information resources can be divided into the following levels: informational without computing, computing, technical and economic, social and organizational. To control, for example, economic information subsystem, you must first learn how to manage your information at all (for example, buy a computer program or hire a staff of programmers). Below we will try to consider the information of these levels.

Informational level

Information resources may in this case be the people, information systems, computer software, computers and so on. In this case the computer may store not only the information resources in the external memory of its devices. Computer work itself is also based on the recording and reading the specific information in the form of control signals, etc.

Computing level

To calculate something, you must first have a source data. Info level delivers them. Computing resources are not just a computer. It refers to the economic and mathematical models, algorithms, programs, human intelligence, etc. In addition, here are a knowledge about computer architecture and algorithms of control signals calculation inside computers during its work, etc. For example, computer engineer must have these knowledges to repair them. If you have no computer engineer, you can't supply, for example, economical or socal system with informational resources and they can't work in this case.

Manufacturing and Economic Level

Information resources of this level can be represented as: technical, manufacturing, economic data subsystems, information of CAM subsystems.

Social Level

The classification of information resources is similar to previous subsystem, but these resources must take into account the specificity of the social needs of the people.

Institutional Level

This is all possible organizing documents, knowledge, skills, etc.

All Levels in general

The resources of informational level are ideal resources. Usually, we always need to find a way to receive ideal resources form real ones (resources of computing level). Ready to use resources are ideal. But the ideal resources for solving one a problem can be used to solve more complex problem. In this case, the first resources may be called intermediate, and the second - end.

The end destination of a data carrier is to transmit information to the person, which is the ideal information resource in this case. The information reproduction is retrieving information from the media. But the reproduction is not only retrieving but as more general concept. The carrier can be away from the man. The space is also the material and should also be considered as a medium. Therefore, access to remote information resources is also their reproduction. But often it can be such that the end resource is not the same information that is recorded on the medium, and which is the result of the processing of this information. This processing is also a process of information resources reproduction. The ambiguity of reproduction processes is determined by the integrated nature of modern information systems. For example, even the databases have calculated fields.

To study the concept of reproduction of information, we introduce the following terms are applied to information resources did not have the exact value. Reproduction of information resources related to the extraction of information from the material substrate and the transfer of this information is the material display of information resources. Necessary processing processes are intellectual display of information resources. But the displayed information resources still need to absorb. Therefore, the perception of information resources is the final stage of their reproduction.

Information Resources Reproduction







Transfer throw time Transfer throw space
Fig. 1 Structure of Information Resources Reproduction Processes

Manufacturing process of information resources includes not only reproduction, but also documenting the information resources, which may also include complex information processing. Consider documenting processes. The first step of information resources documenting is semantic processing of the perceived information. The processing produces new information, which must then be represented using sign systems. Presented in the form of sign information is information resources in the form of communication. Information resources continue to be transferred from a communicative form to documented form, that is expressed in the recording information on an information carrier (and may be transfer the information from this medium in the space and fixing it in place preparation). The structure of the process of documenting the information resources in general form shown in Fig. 2.

Information Resources Documenting

Processing of the perceived information Presentation of Information using sign systems (translation in communicative form). Translation of information resources in to documented form
Fixing on Medium Transmission in space
Fig. 2 Structure of information resources documentation processes.

Information Resources Management

What is it for? If we believe that the success of our organization or country depends, among other things, on the possession of the necessary information resources, then we must find an optimal plan for obtaining them. For example, we need to buy computers, network equipment, train staff, etc. But in order to train someone, we must first of all learn how to do this work. This is the subject of a large number of management theories and others, and we must choose one of them. But first of all we must realize the importance of information resources for achieving our goals. The fact is that many people think that to achieve the goals, only resources, including information resources, are not enough, communications are also needed to implement the management process and between people in the process of work. All managers, of course, recognize the importance of management communications, but they understand the different meaning of interpersonal communications during the production process. Some managers give workers more freedom, others believe that people must first of all work, and not talk. They suggest that they communicate with each other mostly after work.

Democratic managers try not to interfere in the inner world of their employees. They consider it the main fulfillment of all the prescriptions of the leadership, and people can have very different views. But they would also like that workers are more interested in the production process, and not, for example, music, poetry, arts, philosophy or religions. They think that such hobbies are useless for them, since they do not allow them to either improve their position in the team or increase their earnings. Such activities, therefore, can be considered a waste of time. Smart and progressive people, they say, should not immerse themselves in such nonsense. And the greatest success can be achieved by someone who does not clog his head with such things at all.

Over time, this applies not only to workers, but also to their managers and politicians. Scientists also begin to be considered useful only by those who study those sciences that can be used to modernize technologies. Such processes are all-inclusive, and more and more people are starting to think like that. They consider themselves to be progressive creative people. They consider people of another mindset to be useless ballast.

Progressive-minded people also reject all established social norms. They consider them obsolete. For example, religious people are guided by the precepts of their teachings. For them it is unacceptable, for example, theft, bribery, deception of other people. People of a different type consider all this prejudice. For example, they consider it foolish not to steal from those who have built their own well-being on theft. They can also take or give bribes, believing themselves to be more honest, but unable to make the world fairer without reaching a higher position. Their reasoning is very simple. They think that the powerful have achieved their position through theft and bribery. And that, therefore, they can only displace them in this way.

Rationally thinking people, and they can be called so, do not respect nature, for example, to growing crops, although the mystery of all living things has not yet been solved. There is a huge number of species of animals and plants on the planet. But they do not see this as something grandiose. Among all the diversity of life, they respect only a person, and even then not to the whole of mankind, but only to rationally thinking individuals. They consider the emotions of people and their feelings to be weak. For example, they do not recognize the existence of love between a man and a woman, between parents and children. A man needs a man to satisfy his sexual desires and perform work. Woman more often needs a man only for financial and everyday welfare. At the same time, neither men nor women either do not recognize marriage at all, or recognize, but have many lovers and mistresses, thus completely denying its meaning. They do not have affection for their children, giving them to either boarding schools, or hiring professional workers to care for them. Which leads to the destruction of the institution of the family. People are turning into cogs of a social mechanism. They also approve of friendship only with the right people.

Specialists of a new type perform all duties without any emotion, although they can express them pretend. For example, a doctor heals purely professionally, without even trying to comfort or morally support the patient, because he knows perfectly well that there are psychological care services for this, and the doctor does not want to waste extra time justifying himself that other patients are waiting for him. Such are the foundations of the worldview of the new man of the new world. And it is these people who developed the concept of information resources, because not all information can be used in a cybernetic sense. As a result of comprehensive processes of social division of labor, information was also divided into components.

Above are listed the features of new people, it is not necessary that someone has all these features, but the more such features a person has, the more "new" he is.

At the same time, it is not entirely true that people of a new type do not recognize art, music or poetry. On the contrary, they consider employment by them expedient, but only on condition that people are ready to pay for it. That is, they consider these occupations as a kind of business, for which you need your own information resources.

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