HTML Repair for MS Office (Word and Excel)

Offline HTML Cleaner and more. Allows:

1. To show HTML syntax errors or automatically correct 90% of them.

2. To create the hyperlinks to HTML files of the specified folder and site and to save the created htm files. You can create also the hyperlinks for files with specified extension and modified 1, 2, or more days before. The program creates the hyperlinks for files modified today if you define '1' day. Today and yesterday - if you defined '2' days, and so on.

3. To save modified (1, 2, or more days before) HTML files into another folder to copy it whole to FTP server.

4. To check hyperlinks of a site in all files of a folder offline. To check hyperlinks, load the Excel workbook "TestLinks", open "Check Links" worksheet and press the button "Check Links". You can check only files modified 1, 2 or more days before.

checklinks.gif (5501 bytes)

5. To find URLs in all files of a folder which names does contain specified strings. To find URLs, load the Excel workbook "TestLinks", open "Fins URLS" worksheet and press the button "FIND URLs". You can check only files modified 1, 2 or more days before.

findurls.gif (5572 bytes)

6. To calculate the number of the same strings in the file. You can, for example, calculate the number of hyperlinks based on the same URL in your file.

7. To find the files that has more than 100 hyperlinks.

8. Rename all files in your folder which names contain the specified string to another one.

9. And more.

How does it work

You press "Menu" button on Iovsoft HTML Repair for Word Toolbar.

Add a folder for your site and press 'Repair' button.

html.gif (4831 bytes)

Then software shows all HTML errors for all specified folder files on Word Document and offer to correct them automatically. Html Repair for Word receives all messages from tidycom.dll and selects them as follow:

You can then find red or green messages automatically using the toolbar:


1. May this software spoil my HTML code?

Yes, but very seldom. We cleaned many files, and HTML Repair spoiled just 2 files of 1000. This is a good idea to copy the files before repair operations.

2. Do you supply the customers with source code?

The software contains TidyCom DLL by Andre Blavier. The c source code for TidyCom is available here. We tested this DLL and found it very useful. We do NOT distribute HTML Repair for Word VBA source code yet.

System Requirements

Platform : Windows 95 or above

Requires WS Word 2000 or above and Excel 2000 or above.

Download Iovsoft HTML Repair for Word - file size ~ 200 KB

Buy HTML Repair for Word online  buy.gif (540 bytes)  $99.95

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