FES emailer

E-mail POP3 client with:


1. Up to 1000 email boxes.
2. Automatic removing a SPAM - emails containing defined in special file spam.txt combinations of letters in 'Subject' and 'From" fields of a message.
3. Allows to send selected emails to another e-mail box.
4. Allows to load 20, 200, 1000 rows, or up to 1 MB of a message in text editor.
5. Allows to send emails with attachments.
6. Allows to send an e-mail to many recipients.
7. Allows to send a personified e-mail to many recipients.
8. Allows to save the emails winh 2048 bit encoding.
9. Allows to notify about the emails containing double extension files.
10. Allows to remove emails without downloading them.
11. Allows to interrupt a loading the e-mails.
12. Allows to automatically add new address to address book.
13. Allows ti reply to any e-mail.
14. Allows to archive old e-mails.
15. Allows to find an email in input, outpur, and archive folders.
16. Safe web viewer using default web browser. This program can remove all active content from a web page - images, scripts, applets, objects, styles, and more.

17. Alarm-Clock - allows to set a year, month, day, hours, and minutes.

18. Allows to encode the files with 2048 bit key.


1. How to begin?

Please enter: name, password, server, e-mail, SMTP-server, your name. then click the 'Save' button and choose a file name for this mail box. Then connect to internet and click 'Connect' button.

2. How to check new e-mails?

Click the 'Connect' button.

3. How to remove a SPAM?

Click on SPAM button. Then enter the SPAM combinations of symbols in edit wondow. Please enter every combination only in new row. Then save a file and click a 'Connect" button. Click a button 'Load email headers and remove a SPAM. Alternatively, you can load all emails and click "Select", 'Select SPAM', and 'Delete' buttons.

4. How to send selected emails to another e-mail?

Right click selected e-mails. Enter an e-mail address and SMTP-server. Click 'Copy selected e-mails to another e-mail'.

5. How to show selected e-mail?

Right click it.

6. How to compose an e-mail?

Click the 'Compose' button.

7. How to send the personified e-mail to several addresses?

Create a file with content:
<e-mail address> <name>
<e-mail address2> <name2>
<e-mail address3> <name3>


Click the "Compose' button. Write the text of e-mail without a greeting.

Price list

1. 1-10 mail boxes - $39.95.
2. Up to 100 - $100.
3.Up to 200 - $200.
3. Up to 300 - $250.
3. Up to 400 - $300.
3. Up to 500 - $350.
3. Up to 1000 - $450.

System Requirements

Windows 98 or later.



Additional Information: FinExcelSoft Emailer

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