FES EA Inventory Manager for Excel

Easy accounting with auto's parts and more. Supports multi-level BOMs. You can use this product to account an inventory when you need multi-level BOMS. For example, you may need to account the car's parts. You can use the following levels in your bill of materials (BOMs): category, unit( engine, chassis, body), assembly(carburettor, starter and so on), part No.

This software allows easy control of all items in your hierarchy. This is very useful function. Additionally, in generates pivot tables, calculates the outgoing balances, calculates the main price for every item basing on income prices. It is optional feature. You can define income and sale price for every item.

One of advanced features of this program offers you  to choose the item of list when you enter your data. For example, when you enter your data in 'Unit' column, the software shows a list of 3 items: engine, chassis, body). When you chose, for example, the 'carburettor' assembly, the software show all parts of this assembly. You need only ckick on item. Alternatively, you can enter manually. In this case, if you entered wrong item, the software will offer you to acept this item or correct it.

Additionally, this software allows adding more levels for different accounting purposes. Uou can use it for a accounting with different types of your inventory.

Accounting with auto's parts example:


System Requirements

Windows 98 or later. Excel 2000 or later.



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