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Inventory Movement

Inventory Movement is designed for inventory accounting with initial on hand and BOM (Bill of Material) ('Items Set Up' spreadsheet), inventory income ('Item In' spreadsheet), expenditure ('Item Out' spreadsheet).

Sample of 'Items Set Up' spreadsheet:

Please note that you do not need to calculate 'Quantity to Order' and 'On Hand Value $' columns manually. For this purpose the button above is designed.

Sample of 'Item In' spreadsheet:

Sample of 'Item Out' spreadsheet:

How do I move and calculate my inventory?

It is easy. You enter your on hand and BOM data on 'Items Set Up' spreadsheet, income data - on 'Item In' spreadsheet, expenditure data - on "Item Out' spreadsheet. Then you go to 'Item Info' spreadsheet and click on 'Update from changes in Item Set Up, Out, In' button. A sample of resulting data please see below.

Sample of 'Item Info' spreadsheet:

You can see here updated on hand quantity and cost (on hand value $). If you add new source data, you click on 'Update from changes in Item Set Up, Out, In'  button again and you receive your on hand data after new update.


If you click the 'Reports' button, you may choose a type of report you need to generate.

Then if you choose 'Inventory Report', you receive the following choice:

Please see below 6 types of inventory reports.

1.Inventory Report by Item

2.Inventory Report by Description

3.Inventory Report by Category

4.Inventory Report by Vendor

5.Inventory Report for Income (In)

6.Inventory Report for Expenditure (Out)

Order Report

Order Report allows you to calculate a quantity of materials to order basing on  'Reorder Point' and 'Max Stock' columns of 'Item Info' sheet.

Project Report

Project Cost Report. This report is based on 'Item Out' sheet.

Additional Tools

If you purchase your items as kits but need to inventory them in items (individual pieces), you can use the sheet 'Kit In'. If you In, for example, one 'NailsCasePack' kit, you add 100 6 inch nails  to "Item In' sheet (please see above).

If you need to Out the kits, you can use 'Kit Out' sheet by the same way.

In this case two kits are created: Chair and Chair2. For example, five 'Chair' kits are converted into 20 '3 inch Nails', 25 '4 pound widgits' and 25 '7 pound widgits'. Please see also the 'Item Out' spreadsheet above.

To create new kit, you click on 'Create New Kit Definition' button. And if you want, for example, to send some kit to out, you select a kit (Chair or Chair2 in this case) and click on 'Select Kit Name in B column & Transfer it to Kit Out' button. This kit will be placed in the table at the right (a list of kits sent out) and converted to 'Item Out' spreadsheet (please see above).

System Requirements

Platform: Windows XP/2000 or later or MAC. Requires Excel 2000 or later. For MAC users: requires Excel with VBA support.



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