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Excel Spreadsheet Power supplies add-in utilities for Excel to enable faster spreadsheet and workbook calculations particularly for larger applications, accompanied by a 73 page Guide* containing advice and tips how to build spreadsheets that will give you the highest performance, and how to select Excel features which maximise calculation efficiency. The Guide leads you though how to optimise spreadsheet sequencing in Excel for fast processing, how to apply Lookup, how to use and apply Multi Level and Repeated Calculations, Array formula, Dependency Trees, Volatile Functions, plus how to optimise Microsoft Outlook to obtain the best performance with Excel.

The extra features provide an optional additional toolbar which you can use to switch Excel to the fastest calculation route (there are less efficient calculation routes), find and report calculation bottlenecks, time wasting cells, detect formula blockages, and elimination unnecessary spreadsheet churning (unnecessary processing). Demo how to achieve highest efficiency example provided in the More Info section below.

The Spreadsheet Power pack supplies in addition 50 free Excel functions that provide additional business finance calculation routines, plus our Jumbo Excel Budget workbook with yearly and monthly budgeting templates, and free copies of the latest patches for Excel from Microsoft.

* Requires Acrobat Reader.

Spreadsheet Power provides you with the following files:

  1. Fast Excel© Version 1.3 (add-in) plus user guide (Requires Acrobat Reader).
  2. Guide To Optimising Excel Calculations (Requires Acrobat Reader).
  3. International Company Services Excel Financial Functions (add-in).
  4. Excel Budget Spreadsheets (15).
  5. Plus: Excel calculation and security patch files for Excel 97 & 2000.

© Decision Models Ltd.

Instructions for downloading your licensed version of ESP files plus Microsoft patches will be despatched to you upon receipt of your order, or optionally we will send you the files on 3.5-inch disk according to your directions.

Introduction to Excel Spreadsheet Power

ESP files speeds up large, complex and multi-worksheet Excel applications. If you are working with several linked worksheets, pivot tables, and Excel functions, ESP files will speed up calculations times substantially.


We thought the best way of demonstrating how ESP files improve Excel performance with a large application would be to show how a multi worksheet project of ours containing 450,000 calculation cells was optimised by a factor of 10 times faster calculation times.

When you install the Fast Excel files within ESP a new toolbar appears in your Excel (below) which adds these new calculation features: Worksheet and workbook run time microsecond clock counters button, Change the calculation sequencing, View and change the calculation options form, Set worksheet calculation enable/disable, Run diagnostic reports for selected worksheets (sample reports below), View the memory and pivot table cache usage report.

Step 1: Pre-optimisation. Our 450,000-cell workbook had an original calculation time of 51.4 seconds. (Cell H29 below = 51,483 milliseconds). The diagnostics shows a lot of wasted calculation time and it identifies the location of slow performing formulas and functions.

Step 2: Optimisation. Set the Reschedule routine to optimise to the fastest calculation sequences, identify bottlenecks and restructure Excel's calculation pathways. The calculation time for our 450,000 cells reduced to 6.7 seconds.

Step 3: Stop Excel churning. Excel will churn even the smallest spreadsheet calculations. Select which spreadsheet(s) to auto calculate when you press the return key. This stops Excel recalculating (churning) the entire workbook each time you hit the return key. In the demo provided the calculation time reduced to 1.66 seconds and recalculation to 0.61 seconds. Original calculation times for 450,000 cells were 51.4 and 40.7 seconds.

Optimisation procedures

Once your spreadsheet sequences have been optimised you will notice a great improvement in your Excel calculation speeds. Continue using ESP files to switch in and out of specific worksheet calculation modes to improve total performance.

This program is supplied as part of the Gold Disk Edition Colection Business Support Programs for Excel.

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System Requirements

Platform : Windows or Mac  &  MS Excel 95/Excel97/Excel 2000/Excel XP/Excel 2002/Excel 2003 or MS Office 7(95) or later.


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OS : Windows 95, 98, ME, NT/2000 or XP

Excel 97 or later. Web data requires Excel 2000 or above and Windows XP/2000/2003 or later.

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