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Excel Templates for accounting

Our Asset Register for Excel will help you record asset costs, establish current depreciation and book value by class at each month end incorporate tracking codes for locations and managers responsible.

Using Excel time and date functions you can quickly see all your monthly and cumulative depreciation values as totals, by departments and by individual assets, plus book values.

You can switch the current month end backwards or forwards to calculate depreciation at a year-end or alternative period end.

Users can change class standard lives with different depreciation periods and can look up the current balance and age of any asset using bar codes or codes.


Asset Register Screenshot

Attitional Information

Registers include Office Equipment, Computers, Machinery, Buildings, Leasehold, Autos, Investments, Intangibles and Goodwill. Investments, Intangibles and Goodwill include impairment adjustments

Depreciation and month end book value for each asset and for all assets, combines category balances and reports all these in the Summary table

Built-in Excel Lookup functions

Gain/loss at the date of disposal

Accumulated depreciation and book value balances at any selected month end

Balances at the end of Year

MACRS version for USA

Asset costs, useful lives, current monthly depreciation, cumulative depreciation

Disposal gains & losses records, audit verification

Annual and monthly declining balance tables

System Requirements

Platform : Windows XP/Me/9x/NT/2000/2003or later or Mac OS

Web Data Requires:

Excel 2000 or later and MS Windows XP/2000/2003 or later.


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Asset Depreciation / Excel & Office365


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