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"I have a small start-up technology related business ($500K–$2MM in revenues), and just got yelled at by my banker for our lousy looking 3-yr income statement forecast, with non-matching balance sheet and no cash flow statement! Which of your products should I purchase? Is this right for me? Regards John."

YES! Our new version of FastPlan 9.0 provides month by month budgets that produce your profit & loss income statement forecasts, balance sheet forecasts, cash flows, monthly bank covenant balance forecasts and the key financial ratios.

15 integrated financial spreadsheets provide quick neat presentations to give your bank or investors. All figures match and balance automatically. 3.25MB file.

No previous accounting knowledge is required. Easy to follow tutorial version provided.

FastPlan 9.0 provides:

* Financial ratios: Monthly ROA – ROI – ROIC – Current ratio, Quick Ratio, Debt Ratios, Interest Cover, Fixed Asset Ratio.


Start by creating your monthly budgets for years 1–3. We explain how you can apply Excel tools to hide unwanted rows containing blank (zero) values to create a neat spreadsheet presentation using your Landscape Print setting control.

Your monthly budgets generate monthly income statement forecasts. The p/l expense labels are created by you within the budget spreadsheets. The Bad debt provision/returns percentage is a variable.

Profit/loss forecasts also provide you with monthly earnings before interest and tax per share and after tax earnings per share.


Use the Share Capital spreadsheet to create your starting shareholder base, and a share issue plan if you want to use this option.

Create your fixed asset capital plan. Capital plans are based on annual budgets.


Your plans generate monthly balance sheets, adjust receivables, payables and inventory levels in the Average Days adjustment table. Fill in any balances specific to your business.

The number of shares issued and Net Asset Per Share are automatically generated from your starting shareholder base and share issue plan.


FastPlan 9.0 generates your monthly cash flow forecasts for three years.

And monthly closing cash/bank balance forecasts.

Banking ratios and month end balances are calculated to support loan and overdraft covenants.

Finally all the key financial ratios for presentation to support to your account manager are prepared for you.

For over 12 years User Solutions, Inc. has been the easy choice for thousands of companies worldwide.


Requires Excel 97 or greater.

Platform: Windows or Apple Mac

30-day money-back guarantee!

Additional Information: FastPlan 9.0 Five Year Forecasting

        FastPlan 9.0 Five Year Forecasting

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