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Mortgage 2000 provides multiple home mortgage math forms.

CheckMy Mortgage 2000 Screen Index

Starting menu
Click any button to start each separate part of Mortgage 2000. MyMortgage maintains current mortgage payment records and automatically updates loan balance after each monthly payment. Repayment Schedules provide a multi-purpose amortization report displaying calculations for any mortgage, Compare Mortgage calculates the full cost difference between alternative mortgage packages and provides a report analysing future property values, equity, cash flows and investment returns with alternative mortgages. Refinance Mortgage analyses different re-mortgage packages and compares new financing costs you will be incurring against your current mortgage situation if you refinance. Country settings change calculations between USA, Canada and other countries.

Country Settings
SUMMARY: Select the country of your residence for your mortgage calculations.

My Mortgage records
SUMMARY: Manage your own mortgage accounting calculations with this screen. Track monthly balances and interest due and paid. Repeat sets of constant repayment amounts and interest rates for any number of periods. Edit any row to create differing values. Make sure your lender is not making mistakes. 35% of all mortgages contain calculation errors.
Screen will open the owner's equity screen (next screen) which predicts future monthly changes in property values, calculates the declining loan balance and creates new borrowing values each new month. Change price escalator by trial and error to recalculate new values.

Owners equity and borrowing capacity
SUMMARY: Accessed from MyMortgage screen (previous screen). User enters their own forecast annual rate of change of their property values, and the percentage of future equity they wish to borrow against. Calculate new borrowing potential available on the property month by month.

Mortgage Amortization Schedule - Low Starter Rate Mortgage
SUMMARY: This is a multi-purpose mortgage amortization reporting system. Enter any combination of loan amount, starting interest rate, repayment period, regular interest rate, full loan term and shortened mortgage term (1, 3, 5, 10, X years) and Mortgage 2000 will compute the total mortgage repayments, total interest costs and repayment amounts. Zoom button opens the full screen amortization window. The Annual button on the toolbar creates year by year summary reports. Clear table empties screen for new data to enter. Monthly, weekly, 2-weekly and 4-weekly repayment options can be compared for lowest overall costs. Check differing mortgage packages by evaluating total interest cost differences for lowest cost borrowing option.

Refinancing your mortgage analysis/screen 2
This is a 4-screen calculation and reporting section within Mortgage 2000. In the first data and information input screen the user creates property address information, date of purchase, current mortgage data, original loan amount, interest rate and estimated property value. The screen automatically calculates the cumulative compound rate of price change since the date of purchase.

Refinancing your mortgage analysis/screen 3
SUMMARY: Reports your new mortgage loan requirements, new monthly repayments and total financing costs based on mortgage data provided in the previous input screen. The report provides calculations of total new loan requirements for each refinance option and cash raising, new monthly repayment amounts and total interest costs. Use this screen to check refinancing costs.

Compare full mortgage costs/screen 2
SUMMARY: This is a 4-screen calculation and reporting section within Mortgage 2000. In screen 1 the user enters the property address information, purchase price of property, the date of expected purchase, budgeted annual property costs and income such as maintenance, insurance's, property taxes, rental income and tax credits. Then move to screen 2 (this screen) and enter alternative mortgage data values into columns. Program automatically calculates the deposit amount for each mortgage loan in each column and calculates the repayment values in the bottom two rows of each column. Selector boxes along the top are used to apply calculations in the screen 4 report.
Moving to screen 3 (see the Which Mortgage - Which Rate screen), this report provides the results of calculating all the amortization schedules for all the alternative mortgages so that full interest costs, total repayments and final loan balances can be viewed for each alternative mortgage side by side. Provides great assistance towards working out which is the least cost mortgage package overall. Move to screen 4.

Compare mortgages/screen 4/rate of investment return and cash flows
SUMMARY: Provides a year by year summary of changes in property values (row 2), declining loan balances (row 3), equity balances (row 4), total cumulative mortgage interest paid so far (row 5), cumulative cash flow so far (row 6) derived from budgeted annual maintenance costs, insurance's, taxes, rental income inputs user entered in screen 1. The net balance values row by row (row 7) calculate the annual difference between Equity and cumulative interest and cumulative cash flow. Net gain (row 8) is the difference between the deposit value in row 1. Column 4 and net balance this year. Row 9 is the annualized rate of investment return. Provides great assistance towards working out by trial and error the rate of price change that is required to achieve positive annual net gains after costs and interest charges and the desired rate of return on the original deposit investment.

SUMMARY: To find out which loan/mortgage option is the cheapest overall. When the user has completed entry of different starter interest rates, starter rate periods, all the repayment terms of a maximum six alternative mortgage/loan options in screen 2 (see screen index) of Compare Mortgages - click the Next> button at the bottom of this screen to open this screen 3 report. Data provides the results of calculating repayment schedules for all six loans and lists year by year analysis of loan repayments under differing loan arrangements (scroll down for complete year by year analysis). Check all calculated values of Full term mortgage costs for each mortgage to find out which loan is cheapest when expensed to full repayment. In the examples provided in this demo screen two similar looking mortgage options (from lender 3 and lender 6) have very different repayment expenses when fully repaid. This report provides a quick and easy route to discover which loan and mortgage option is cheapest overall.

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