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Extra Free Bonus Application & Program Software Courseware CD-ROM

When you purchase the Gold Edition via download or on disk, we supply on request a free additional educational CD-ROM containing fifty (plus) application and system software training courses. Each course provides between 90–300 pages of clear step-by-step instructions for achieving superior performance from your application and systems software.

If you would like to add the courseware CD to your software library please be sure to request the CD when you order, using the customer comments and message fields or by email. Orders without courseware requests will supply the Financial Solutions software by download or on disk only.

Increase your system's productivity and performance with any or all of these software applications:

Courseware Directory

All individual courses are supplied provided as Word document files. Disk space requirements vary – up to 14 MB per course. Dorectory contains:

  1. Access v2000 Database Programming; Introduction

  2. Access v2000 New Features

  3. Access v2000 User/Designer Advanced

  4. Access v2000 User/Designer Intermediate

  5. Access v2000 User/Designer Introduction

  6. Access XP; Level 1

  7. Access XP; Level 2

  8. Access XP; Level 3

  9. Adobe Acrobat4 Introduction

  10. Adobe PageMaker v6 Intermediate

  11. Adobe PageMaker v6 Introduction

  12. Adobe PageMaker 7.0 Intro

  13. Adobe PageMaker 7.0 Intermediate

  14. Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Introduction

  15. Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Introduction

  16. Dreamweaver v3 Advanced

  17. Dreamweaver v3 Introduction

  18. Dreamweaver v4 Intermediate

  19. Dreamweaver v4 Introduction

  20. Dreamweaver MX Introduction

  21. ECDL; Module 1. Basic Concepts of Information Technology.

  22. ECDL; Module 2. Using the Computer and Managing Files.

  23. ECDL; Module 3. Word Processing.

  24. ECDL; Module 4. Spreadsheets.

  25. ECDL; Module 5. Databases/Filing Systems.

  26. ECDL; Module 6. Presentation

  27. ECDL; Module 7. Information and Communication

  28. HTML Fundamentals

  29. JAVA Programming

  30. JavaScript Programming; Introduction

  31. NetWare v5 System Administration

  32. Oracle Developer 2000 (Forms5/Reports3) Introduction

  33. Oracle v8 Basic Programming and PL/SQL

  34. SQL Server 2000; Introduction to SQL Databases and Programming

  35. SQL v7; Introduction to SQL Databases and Programming

  36. Visual Basic Programming v6 (Oracle backend); Advanced

  37. Visual Basic Programming v6 Advanced (Access backend)

  38. Visual Basic Programming v6 Introduction

  39. Windows 2000 Server; Network Support and Administration

  40. Windows 2000 Professional (End User)

  41. Windows 2000 Professional; Using and Running Windows 2000 Pro

  42. Windows 2000 Server; Network Support and Administration

  43. Windows ME (End User) Introduction

  44. Windows ME Advanced

  45. Windows NT4 (End User) Fundamentals

  46. Windows NT4 Introduction to Networking

  47. Windows NTServer4; System Support and Administration

  48. WordPerfect v9 Advanced

  49. WordPerfect v9 Intermediate

  50. WordPerfect v9 Introduction

  51. Excel Database Management & Analysis

  52. Word Visual Basic & Macros

Excel Database Management and Analysis

Excel XP Database Management & Analysis document provides a complete learning guide how to use and apply all Excel's data analysis methods to the fullest extent, explaining databases, custom lists, filtering data, applying statistical functions, pivot tables, pivot analysis methods, Lookup, Logical functions, Charts, using Sort and the Analysis ToolPak. Particularly useful for sorting, filtering and analysing business data, such as salary records, product sales anlaysis and for analysing data using statistical tools. The Guide covers many Excel features and tools available in 97 and 2000 versions.

The Guide provides clear easy to follow directions how to set up and use the data analysis tools in Excel.

Learn how to filter certain data to include only data you wish to analyse:

Learn all about functions and statistical functions:

More step by step procedures:

A complete description how to maximise the potential of Pivot Tables and Pivot Table Analysis:

Word 2000 Macros and Visual Basic Applications

Word 2000 VBA explains all about creating, editing and applying macros and VBA to automate Word. Take the tedium and costs out of performing repetitive tasks in Word. Learn all about how to create templates, on line forms, user defined forms, bookmarks etc using macros. Macros codes are provided.

Learn about fields for creating form letters or labels in Word:

Step by step instructions how to create templates and user defined forms:

The Guide supplies ready-made macros to automate procedures:

The Guide helps you automate Word to speed up document creation using Macros.

Extra Free Bonus Application & Program Software Courseware CD-ROM 

is included in All Programs Gold Edition Collection of Business Support Programs for Excel which contains also many other business support programs.

System Requirements

Platform : Windows or Mac  &  MS Excel 95/Excel97/Excel 2000/Excel XP/Excel 2002/Excel 2003 or MS Office 7(95) or later.


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Additional Information: All Programs Gold Edition
OS : Windows 95, 98, ME, NT/2000 or XP

Excel 97 or later. Web data requires Excel 2000 or above and Windows XP/2000/2003 or later.

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