The Complete Excel Training Bible

The Complete Excel Training Bible: Courses101-201-301-401-501 -601 & 701.

Complete training in all aspects of Excel applications with spreadsheet examples.

Learn all the hidden secrets within Excel for more effective working and save hours of work time.

Unlimited version licenses means that the download files can be shared among work colleagues.

Learn how to write Macros to automate repetitive tasks in your Excel
Step by step development of VBA applications and you can copy the VBA codes into your Excel VBA editor.

Information from course 101-104 are:

EXCEL COURSE 101 introduces newcomers to Excel and remind older hands of the power of Excel working with Formulas and Functions. Easy to read in Microsoft Word step by step guide in English covering: > In depth Formula and Function rules, what is meant by Cell References, Absolute and Relative cell references, using the AutoSum function, AutoCalculate rules, Nesting arguments, Syntax rules, Insert rules, Naming cell ranges, Averaging, Counting, CountIf, SumIf, working with Text, using Constants, using the Paste Name dialog, calculation operators and references, adding cell comments, using find and replace, Headers & Footers, Data Sorting, sorting alphanumeric text, single or multiple column sorting, Sorting numbers, Hiding and Unhiding rows and columns, creating Auto Formats, Charting options, formatting charts, charting options, cell protection options, explaining the If function and connecting arguments, correct use of brackets, using Volatile arguments, highlighting common problems with Dates and Times in Excel, interpreting Errors in Excel, suppressing errors, working with Add-Ins. Much more..

EXCEL COURSE 201 - Extracting information for Decisions The do's and don'ts of data and text tables to make decision presentations clearer and easier. Step by step introduction using a data extraction problem as the example. Explaining the Vlookup and Hlookup functions and all Dfunctions. Applying Data validation, List validation, Text validation. Using Auditing options. Working with external data, external references, external data and external formula. Working with Auto Filters, Advanced Filters, Tables and Lists guidelines, compound filtering, dealing with blanks, Names Ranges. Using little known features in Excel: Placeholders, Sections, Colors, Suppressing values, Comparison Operators, Leading zeros, displaying symbols and currencies. Much more..

EXCEL COURSE 301 - Working with Pivot Tables. Course Outline: Understanding pivot tables - one of Excel's most useful features. Why Pivot Tables? Pivot table advantages, Pivot charting, Pivot table guidelines, step by step guide to creating pivot tables, working with pivot tables, format pivot table options, data options, drill down, Queries, work with Pivot Table1.xls example, Field options, Grouping Fields, Rules using Pivot Table Names.

EXCEL COURSE 401 - Developing What-If Analysis in Excel. Working with financial scenarios and Goal Seek to analyze complex computations. How to create a default scenario, adding scenarios, using Names in scenarios as short cuts, displaying scenarios, preparing summary reports, merging scenarios from different shared workbooks, using Goal Seek.

Course 501 - How to develop macros for Excel automation. Course 601 - How to develop VBA modules within your Excel. Course 701 - How to Control user inputs to your spreadsheets with VBA UserForms.



System Requirements

Requires: Excel 97 or later. Web data requires Excel 2000 or later and Windows XP/2000/2003 or later.


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