Excel templates: Maximizing R&D Tax Credits

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R&D Tax Credit Costing Workbooks. Activity Cost Centers will justify your R&D Tax Credits with Excel.

Start collecting data to support your R&D Tax Refund Claim with Excel.

Depending on which country your R&D activities are performed you company can receive:

A refund of tax already paid.

A tax credit.

A cash refund.

Our R&D Tax Credit Excel Collections provides your company with compliance required components for your claim to succeed:

Essential technological keywords & key phrases, supplied by our PhD/MIT Sloan technology consultant.

Activity Based R&D Project Costing with Excel.

Staff time sheet R&D activity recording.

Data analysis statistics.

These enable you to:

Consolidate staff time and cost records in Excel.

Transfer R&D staff time costs to your G/L quickly and easily.

Reduce audit costs.

Ensure compliance.

Added bonus: R&D Data Analysis Statistics workbook enables you to include the cost of this software in your claim to receive a tax credit.

Three Excel workbooks in this one zip file download.

For every penny or cent spent on staff costs your company can claim a credit beyond the usual tax deductible. Failure from an R&D project is not a factor for the credit to be granted.

The Keywords workbook contains technical advice and guidance provided by our PhD/MIT Sloan consultant that will bring your tax credit application to a quick and successful credit or cash refund conclusion.

System Requirements

Requires MS Excel 2003 or later.

Platform : Windows XP/Me/NT/2000/2003 or later  or Mac OS

30-day money-back guarantee!

Maximizing R&D Tax Credits

Maximizing R&D Tax Credits

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