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Combined Excel Add-ins and Excel Training Bible package.

Excel Add-Ins

Nine Excel add-ins plus the Complete Excel Training Bible modules 101-701.

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Plus Free Workbook Bonus - Learn how to develop your own Excel Currency Converter with this extra free workbook. Convert any of your financial records or lists into any one of 81 cross currency exchange rates updated via the Excel import function – In today’s environment of volatile exchange rates, instant recalculation into your home currency from different currencies is an essential tool. Free workbook with the Combined Collection.

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With these nine Add ins for Microsoft Excel you will enhance your Excel with added capabilities that are well beyond the standard Microsoft Excel program:

Save hundreds of hours a year developing your Excel spreadsheets with the following add-in functions.

Add quick one click indexing for instant spreadsheet retrieval.

Track and list all the formula within your Excel spreadsheets with Formula Manager.

Find and delete orphaned Names (cell ranges) and rogue links to other workbooks with one click. (Use Name Manager/Delete Orphaned Names).

Delete unwanted rows based on any criteria with one click (Use Power Plus/Delete conditional rows).

Convert imported numbers to true Excel negatives (from 1,000- to -1,000) with one click (Use Number Manager/Convert imported negatives). Saves hours of corrections.

Hide zeros, Hide text, hide numbers, hide negatives, hide positives with one click (Use Number Manager). Present your spreadsheets in a new polished way.

Create blanks (new rows) between different headers or remove blanks with one click (instead of row insert, create new blank rows to add to lists in one click) (Use Dupe Wizard/Create/Delete Blanks between). Quick list management.

Use the Excel yearly calendar to click date insertions into your spreadsheets always using the correct Excel date format.

Save hours of work effort importing texts into Excel using Text Manager. Convert texts, numbers and dates that Excel does recognize into true Excel formats.

Manage List duplicates, number formats and equations with Dupe Manager to make Excel work faster for you.

Reduce large Excel workbooks file sizes with File Size Reducer.

Unlimited license allows installation of the Add-ins into an unlimited number of Computers, and/or Networks within your organization.

Additional Information

Nine Excel add-ins are:

1.New Formula Manager

The new Formula Manager makes the managing, mapping and reporting all Excel formulas so much clearer and simpler than provided by the Excel program.

Mapping your spreadsheet by formula type saves work time and money. You can format the background color of all formulas matching the business criteria you set. You can format the font of all formulas that match any criteria you set in one quick step. You can tell at a glance which cells contain formulas and which do not. You can lock or hide all formulas. You can copy without the references changing. This and much more!





2.New Power-Plus Manager

The new Power Plus Manager really reduces many annoying and frequent time wasting tasks in Excel down to the very minimum. Save time and money when you or any of your staff are working with Excel.

3.New Duplication Manager

This new duplication manager is a great improvement for users working with lists, tables, addresses, personnel records, product lists etc in Excel who need to identify, manage, delete, hide duplicate entries. The Duplication Manager saves real work time when you need to track down and manage duplicates.

4.New Number Manager

The Number Manager fills in all the number crunching gaps that Excel missed out!! It makes formatting numbers, currencies and other numerical values much quicker and painless! Plus all the number formats which are not part of Excel's standard program.

Aligns all decimals, negatives in brackets, hides negatives, positives, zeros, text, numbers, or all automatically. No need to keep returning to Format > Cells > Saves hours of development time.

Excel users often come across number formatting that Excel only sees as text. With the Number Manager all you need do is click the > Force To Numbers > option and this problem will vanish immediately.

The > Round option > on the > Change Value tab > allows you to instantly round up, round down or round to any specified number of decimal places. This is SO MUCH QUICKER than writing the Excel Rounding command into a cell formula!!

The > Alter values > option can be used to increase, decrease, multiply or divide your numbers by any value or percentage. This is SO MUCH QUICKER than writing the change formula into cells!!

The > Convert/Remove > tab removes all text from a mix of text and numbers and all numbers from a mix text and numbers. A common problem with numbers being imported into Excel is that some programs (SAP etc) bring negatives as 100- instead of -100. Excel sees these as text. With the Number Manager you click a button and all text values are instantly converted to the right way. Another common problem with imported values is that dates end up looking like this > 010503 (for 01/05/03), or 1503 (for 1/5/03) etc. Excel thinks these are numbers and not dates, meaning you cannot work with them. With Number Manager you click a button and all these misalignments are changed to real dates that Excel recognizes instantly.

5.New Text Manager

The Text Manager makes working with text in your Excel spreadsheet really much easier. The Text Manager is particularly useful for text imported into your Excel. You specify the range to affect, this can be specified cells or the entire sheet.

The > Change Case > option will instantly change the case (upper, lower or proper) of your text. You can nominate to change your text to:

The > Remove Character or Text > option will save you hours of work removing specific characters, or text, from a specified text. You can even copy the characters to remove directly from the Windows Character Map. If the character or text you wish to remove is not available, simply check the > Specify Character or Text > option.

One very common problem with text (particularly imported text) is the unavoidable importing of spaces. Not only does this make your text unsightly and hard to read, but this will also prevent:

You can remove all these problems instantly savings hours of manual deletions:

When you have text you wish to concatenate (link together) the Text Manager will link specified cells quickly and easily. Simply specify the cells to concatenate, specify the cell to concatenate the text into and click OK. Your text is then instantly joined. You can also tell the Text Manager to add a space between each cell that is joined.

6.New Range Manager

Range Manager allows you to easily and quickly create and manage all Excel named ranges and constants savings hours of development time. You can delete all redundant or broken Names quickly, create named constants and dynamic ranges (indispensable when managing Charts or Pivot tables), create Worksheet level names, consecutive named Ranges and more.

If you are aware of the benefits of using named Ranges as opposed to simple range addresses - for example =SUM(Year_2005_Figures) rather than =SUM($A$2:$D$5000). The use of named Ranges means you can get to the named Ranges quickly and easily. Unfortunately most Excel users don't get past using named Ranges in this manner and do not realize their full potential.

With the new Named Range Manager you can instantly unlock the full potential of named Ranges with all these extra quick time saving features for Excel:

7. Formula Reference Changer & Sheet Reference Creator

The Formula Reference Changer will quickly change thousands of formula references in your Excel spreadsheets to a specified type. It has 3 levels of areas to affect:

You can change a selected range, values in an entire spreadsheet or a complete workbook to these types of formula reference (cell A1 example). Saves hours of manually changing cell references:

If you or your staff develop workbooks with a large number of Worksheets it can be too time consuming to navigate through all spreadsheets to locate the page you want.

8.Sheet Index Creator

The Sheet Index Creator allows you to create an Index Sheet that has click-able links that "go to" the selected spreadsheet. It also has the option of placing a "Back to Index" link on all your spreadsheets. Makes navigation throughout all Excel workbooks so much simpler and quicker, plus it provides an overview in one index of all available spreadsheet pages.

9.Excel File Size Reducer

Excel Workbooks can increase in size unrealistically, even after you think you have cleared out all unwanted data values. The File Size Reducer is extremely popular because it will reduce unrealistic file size by 50% or more! All you need to do is install and click the button. Please note we STRONGLY advised that you save a copy of your original Workbook before running the File Size Reducer and then check the reduced file is working properly.

System Requirements

Requires: Excel 2000 or later and Windows XP/2000/2003 or later.



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