Quick Five Year Financial Plans Plus Ratios

FastPlan provides a complete five year financial plan using Microsoft Excel to create balance sheets, income statements and cash flow forecasts.

With FastPlan you can forecast your investment finances, fixed asset purchases, revenues, expenses, balance sheets and cash flows month by month for five years.

Incorporating accounts receivable and payables and inventory and FastPlan produces a complete five year schedule of balance sheets. Monthly depreciation and loan interest and repayment schedules can easily be incorporated into the five year plan.

Outputs include a Management summary covering the five year period containing all the ratios and multiples.

No previous accounting experience is necessary. A tutorial editon in the zip file shows you what goes where..

Users can input five year forecasts outputs into the Company Valuation spreadsheet to value a business using Sales multiples, EBIT multiples and price earnings multiples.

Multiple ratio valuation benchmarks are provided so that the user can obtain a current value for a business purchase or sale.

FILE CONVERSION. Convert Excel, Word files to pdf documents without any requirement for Acrobat using our web software add https:// web links for safe secure document transmissions. Convert PowerPoint 2003-2007 to Flash.

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Quick Five Year Financial Plans Plus Ratios

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