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Ready to use Excel Templates - Financial Excel Collection

Excel Templates for your business evaluation and other business needs

Includes: Investment (NPV, IRR, EVA and more), Cash Flow Forecasting,  Cash Budget Planner, Financial Ratios, Quick Value, Assets, Real Estate (Income and Capital Gain) Forecasts, and more - Financial Excel Collection Complete Edition.


Prepared and proven Excel templates for quick development of business forecasts, EOQ, investment analysis (NPV, IRR, ROI, EVA, ROR, EBIT, ROIC, and more), company & acquisition valuations, cash flow forecasting/budgeting, real estate investment calculations, CD & bond price and yield tables, conversion of financial accounts to ratios, insolvency predictions, capital investment appraisal, capital investment optimization, lease/purchase analysis plus extra MS Excel functions. Combined with powerful Loans and Mortgage software for Windows together

with Bank account and credit card interest checking, our Financial Excel Collection Complete Edition Edition moved into our number one position by dollar sales value during July. Used by Government departments, Chambers of Commerce, business executives at home and abroad, the Financial Excel Collection Complete Edition gives the user the unique advantage of being able to produce quick answers to any financial problem, inquiry or challenge. Purchase includes one-year free supply of new program releases and new version releases plus 80% discount against the regular price.

Our Complete Financial Excel Collection provides150 finance spreadsheets which will help improve your business finances, analyze stock valuations, explains & demonstrates dividend maxing share portfolios, manage cash flows, create budgets, identify key business ratios and model financial statements and forecasts quickly and effectively.

Activity Cost Analysis. Cost categories linked to cost database in Excel linked to work time provide complete analysis of project costs by activity and by employee work time. Suitable for R&D tax credits cost analysis, project costing, staff costing records.

The R&D Tax Credits Application provides a technical guide and database of allowable expenses, consolidate these into the summary claim worksheet provided - making claims really straightforward.

The Property Rental workbook will assist you identify and combine a properties database with a tentants databases to identify overdue accounts, paid accounts and profit and loss on your entire property portfolio.

The Business Plan helps you quickly create company balance sheeets, income statements and cash flow forecasts for 3 or 5 years ahead.

Stock Dividends Maxing–increase dividend income with designer share portfolio plan. Live examples from NYSE, TSX and LSE high yield portfolio.

Share valuations.

Cash management - A/P & A/R control workbooks.

Ratio templates. Balance sheet, income statement and cash flow analysis calculates 50 key ratios, including efficiency ratios, earnings ratios, operating ratios, shareholder returns, working capital ratios, debt, sales days, inventory turnover, and liquidity.

The Business ratios workbook provides the keys to managing a healthy balance sheet. ROE, ROA, days accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, working capital and asset turnover, working capital turnover. Compare between periods. Includes Altman solvency ratios.

The Working Capital workbook will help manage accounts receivable and accounts payable in a new and more precise way and strengthen cash balances.

Investment Calc helps analyse project return on capital and internal rates of return. Includes bond pricing, interest rate swap analysis and net present value tables. Also includes compensation for loss of employment tables. Also includes real estate project analysis for ROIC with loan financing.

Balanced Scorecard.

Budgeting workbook saves you time preparing monthly budgets for multiple profit departments.

Plus business budgets for 12 months or 3 years ahead.

Investment-Calc provides rate of return investment analysis, forecasting and risk control spreadsheets. Present values and internal rates of return, ROIC and discounted cash flows.

Our Asset accounting workbook applies SL, DB & DDB depreciation options to provide you with monthly depreciation values by item, location and cost center, total depreciation between dates, book values and gains/losses on disposals.

Leasing Schedules will keep track of your lease accounts and consolidates current outstanding balances, monthly interest and repayment and forecasts annual cumulative totals and balances until repayment. Includes balloons.

Inventory Control & Scheduling keeps track of 3,000 inventory items, calculates and remembers month end inventories.

Inventory Management handles inventory re-ordering schedules. Work with all inventory items, current stock levels, safety stock levels, average delivery times from suppliers (fastest and slowest), calculate the next minimum lead time reorder dates for each item.

Instant Balance Sheets gives you quick calculations of source and application of funds (bank balance forecasting).

Costing &: expense control including activity based costing, cost drivers, economic batch quantities, allocate overhead costs by department, allocates depreciation costs.

Costing templates, activity based costing, product costings, standard costings, reorganization costings. Allocate costs and expenses - staff hours - asset depreciation - materials and create cost pools - standard cost values - budget material usages and variance analysis.

FastPlan helps you prepares and analyses 5 year financial plans quickly and easily. Develops balance sheets, income forecasts and cash flows. Includes monthly sales forecasting & itemized monthly expenses.

Additional Financial Excel Collection for 2017 Information

Our Financial Excel Collection 2017 is a top seller, going beyong standard accounting software.

Last six months, our Financial Excel Collection Complete Edition Software Library supplies all our own Excel, Windows and Internet time based financial programs, reduced by 80% discount from retail prices. Specially designed to provide quick answers for executives, managers and consultants working on current projects involving time based forecasting and analysis. Save time and money with our ready-made financial solutions.

Plus free FastPlan PRO Returns & Ratios Forecasting.

Plus free exclusively for Financial Excel Collection Complete Edition customers: Self sufficiency Cogeneration power new capital plant investment and operating data in FastPlan PRO provides a truly up to date guide and investment return workbook for any Cogeneration investment opportunity.

Financial Collection for 2017




Asset Depreciation& Office365


Asset Depreciation provides a complete ready-made register for recording assets, asset classes, dates of purchase, accounting expenses, depreciation periods, locations, General Ledger codes, and for calculating month end cumulative depreciations and written down values. The depreciation methods are straight line and declining balances.

Instant Balance Sheets Templates



Statement Forecasting PRO


Statement Forecasting PRO provides you with ready to use templates to set up all the basic information needed to generate a 10 year financial plan/forecast.

Investment-Calc Solutions for IRR & NPV


Our top selling investment return program new edition. 18 pro forma templates for NPV, IRR, ROI, ROR, EVA, DCF.

FastPlan 2010 Five Year Company Forecasting


Complete five year financial plan incorporating monthly fixed asset schedules with depreciation spreadsheets, 60 x monthly sales forecasts for multi products and more.

Business Cash Books & Budgeting


Ten instant cash flow budgets for 45 days, 12 months, 91 days.

Consolidated Budgeting


Master budgets, monthly budgets, cash flow forecasting plus YTD Summaries for personal or business applications.

Costing & Expense Controls


Solves least cost inventory ordering and production batch levels quantity calculations, inventory stores ledger control, safety stock levels and low stock-high stocks.

Business Solvency & Financial Ratios 2008


Business Solvency & Financial Ratios 2008.

Quick Five Year Financial Plans Plus Ratios


FastPlan provides a complete five year financial plan to create balance sheets, income statements and cash flow forecasts.

Financial Ratio Calc


Windex 2010 calculates all major financial ratios from your balance sheet and income statements.

Maximizing R&D Tax Credits


Start collecting data to support your R&D Tax Refund Claim with Excel.

Five Keys To Business Success (Excel Add-Ins)


Excel add-ins provide ready made solution for forecasting, investment economics, portfolio optimization, business resource optimization and material planning.

Monte Carlo Financial Modeling


Easy & Quick Monte Carlo Risk Analysis and Modeling Spreadsheets will help you model financial outcomes quickly and effectively.

Excel Add-ins File Collection


You enhance your Excel with extra capabilities.

Statistics for Business and Investment Analysis with Excel

In Bundle

Quick calculations of any range up to 10,000 values for Average.

Year Financial Ratios + Sector Benchmarks

In Bundle

Yearly financial ratio reporting.

Capital Investment Appraisal

In Bundle

Solves the after tax rate of return from any investment generating cash flows.


In Bundle

Real Estate Investment Analysis

Bonus Investment-CalcPlus Pack

In Bundle

Contains time saving short cuts for project valuation NPV & IRR forecasting using automated annuity factor calculations


In Bundle

Investment-Calc PRO for Money Market and Bond Investments. Annualized ROR on a bond investment.

Capital Gains Tax Calculator

In Bundle

Calculates CGT for any real estate disposal. Applies 2003 tax rules.

Property Buy-Sell 1

In Bundle

Real valuation of any property deal involving junior mortgages, combination of terms maximizes buyer or seller return.

Property Buy-Sell 2

In Bundle

Property buy-sell monthly calculations, repayments chart and amortization schedule.

Portfolio Manager

In Bundle

Tracks paper and real stock trades

Mortgage Repayment Solutions

In Bundle

Supplies ready-made amortization spreadsheets for mortgage repayment analysis and solutions.

Loan & Bank Refund Claim templates 2008

In Bundle

If you think that maybe you have been overcharged for a personal loan, mortgage, auto loan through incorrect repayment amounts or wrong interest rate, unauthorised loan insurance charges, or incorrect penalty charges this software is for you.

Extra Financial Macros

In Bundle

Power up your Excel with fifty new financial macros.

12 Months Free Annual New Program Releases

In Bundle

During the 12 month period after purchase your software administration site will contain all our new program releases at no extra cost.

QuickValue Pro 2011


Computes the net worth of any business large or small to your chosen forecast horizon 5-20 years ahead with five integrated worksheets in QuickValue.

Inventory Manager PRO


Inventory Manager provides manufacturing and operations decision support for inventory management and scheduling. Maximum 10,000 inventory items capacity.

Real Estate -IRR & Buy to Rent spreadsheets

In Bundle

Calculates ROIC and capital plus income profit returns.

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+ featured financial Excel templates supplied only in bundle

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Financial Excel Collection Bundle also contains the following products:

Financial Formula & Help Directory

Deferred Repayment Year One Amortization 

Revolving Loan Template & Points Template

Least Cost Rent-Buy-Sell Calculators For Real Estate for Excel

Leasing Register PRO

Balance Sheets & Cash Flow Forecasting (Five Periods)

Costing Database

Currency Conversion

Stocks & Securities Investment Return

Leasing Evaluation PROP

Inventory Weekly Scheduling

Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Calculations

1-5 years 3/5/7/10/15/20 years

1-10 years 3/5/7/10/15/20 years

Investment Account Balance Workbook

Fin Ratios

Intrinsic Valuation Ratios

Universal Pricing Calculators


  • Buy To Let Cash Flow spreadsheets
  • Inventory Control management

Bonus Templates and Add-ins

Bonus templates with open formulas

Plus bonus pack of 30 additional templates and add-ins providing "what-if" financial modelling, bond valuations, balanced scorecard templates, NPV tables, financial functions for Excel, financial ratios and many more. Zip file download.

Customer Comments

« Your clever financial spreadsheets have changed my business approach and methods and they have been a milestone for me. » - John.

« I downloaded your Investment Calculations guide and it was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for your help. » - Steve.


Full 24/7 support ... weekdays and weekends we are available to answer your questions and provide assistance. There is nothing worse when you have a question than to have to wait for an answer. With purchase of the Financial Excel Collection you get 24/7 support, always available and free.

"Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I did not expect a response on Sunday... I will now try to finish this last depreciation calculation so we can file our IRS forms." -  Treasurer.

You can download any file in the Financial Collection library during five years from purchase.

System Requirements

Requires: Excel 97 or later. Web data requires Excel 2000 or later and Windows XP/2000/2003 or later.

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Purchase includes full use of our online Business WebLinks Directory, used by Business Executives, Professional Advisors, Capital Providers, Entrepreneurs, Franchises, International Trading Companies, Universities, Government.


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Financial Excel Collection - contain all our templates listed in the table above: financial analysis templates, business valuation, financial accounting, business planning, cash flow, lease/purchase, real estate & loan management, budgeting, business financial plan workbooks, templates and guides, sales and profits risk forecasting using Monte Carlo formulas, forecasting risk analysis (probability of reaching goals) using Monte Carlo formulas, and much more. Please note that development name of this product was changed from Millennium, inc. to International Company Services.

You will be able to download the product immediately after ordering! Additionally, you can order the CD.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee!

Financial Templates

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