Immediate Bank Presentation Plan

Five Year forecasts – balance sheets – income statements – cash flows – bank covenant ratios – seasonality – days sales outstanding – payables and inventory days drivers


"I may be interested in purchasing and needed to know the following: 1. Is there a limit to the size of a company, e.g., $200.0M in sales, that the software would not accommodate? 2. Will the software allow you to budget on an annual basis for 5 years using days sales outstanding and annual sales growth rates and do the covenants include debt ratios?"

The total annual sales limit is 999,999,999, and YES! Our new version of Bank Presentation Plan software will create your five year monthly & annual profit & loss income forecasts, cash flows, bank forecasts, balance sheets with receivables, inventory, payables balances, fixed asset forecasts and straight line depreciaiton forecasts plus taxation, all created from the very simple starting point of your first year monthly budget and your balance sheet drivers and sales growth rates. Bank covenants calculated include days sales outstanding, return on equity, EBIT/interest, day's sales outstanding, inventory turn, debt ratios etc.

27 integrated financial spreadsheets provide quick neat presentations to give your bank or investors. All figures match and balance automatically. 4.8MB file.

No previous accounting knowledge required. Easy to follow tutorial version.

Immediate Bank Presentation Plan provides:

* Ratios include: Annual Current ratios, Quick Ratios, EBIT/Interest. Days Sales Outstanding, Debt Ratio, ROA – ROI – ROIC – Current ratio, Quick Ratio, Debt Ratios.


Quick plan development

Start by setting up your year one monthly revenues, cost of sales percentages and company expenses, enter projected growth rates for each revenue item plus balance sheet drivers (days sales outstanding, inventory days and receivable days) and this software immediately calculates and presents your yearly budget forecasts, five year profit & loss, balance sheets, cash flows and covenants plan with all balances "balancing" and internally consistent.

The screen below shows a typical budget plan with unwanted rows hidden from view. We explain how you apply Excel tools to hide unwanted rows containing blank (zero) values to create a neat spreadsheet presentation.

Introduce seasonal variations into all your budgets, and vary sales growth rates within each annual forecast.


Enter your Cash Cycle Days to drive balance sheets. Quick calculation of working capital requirements.

Enter your fixed asset budget plan using either method. Direct entry or as percentage of sales.


Automatically generates monthly profit/loss for years 1–5. (The expense headings are your choice). Tax rates, bad debts, exceptional items, and dividends all enter directly into these forecasts.

Automatically generates monthly balance sheets for years 1–5. Month end bank balances forecasts. (The balance sheet terms can be edited). Select straight line or MACRS depreciation (for deferred tax calc).


Automatically generates monthly cash flow forecasts.


5 year annual profit & loss forecast summary.

5 year annual balance sheet forecasts summary.


5 year Cash flow forecasts summary.

Annual closing bank balances forecast summary.


5 year key operating results forecasts.

Year end bank covenants forecasts.


Create additional covenant forecasts.

Immediate Bank Presentation Plan  is included in All Programs Gold Edition Collection of Bisiness Support Programs for Excel which contains also many other business support programs.

System Requirements

Platform : Windows or Mac  &  MS Excel 95/Excel97/Excel 2000/Excel XP/Excel 2002/Excel 2003 or MS Office 7(95) or later.


30 day money back guarantee!

Additional Information: All Programs Gold Edition
OS : Windows 95, 98, ME, NT/2000 or XP

Excel 97 or later. Web data requires Excel 2000 or above and Windows XP/2000/2003 or later.

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