Loan & Bank Refund Claim Excel templates 2008

If you think that maybe you have been overcharged for a personal loan, mortgage, auto loan through incorrect repayment amounts or wrong interest rate, unauthorised loan insurance charges, or incorrect penalty charges this software is for you.

Our software enables you to calculate the additional interest you can claim over and above the overcharges debited by your lender plus it will help you write the letter to send your lender substanting your claim for a refund check.

The workbook generates the Claim Letter containing all the numbers and calculations required to substaniate your refund claim.

Check My Bank 2008. If and when you want to substaniate claims for incorrect interest charged on overdraft accounts use our CheckMy Bank 2008 which accompanies this package.

Purchase enables you to use our Loan Amortization web software for one month. Copy your repayment table into the Excel workbook which will then create your Letter of Claim.

Download or CD edition.

CheckBnk1.jpg (267805 bytes)

CheckBnk1.jpg (267805 bytes)

System Requirements

Platform : Windows XP/Me/9x/NT/2000/2003  or Mac OS.

Web Data Requires: Excel 2000 or later and MS Windows XP/2000/2003 or later.


30 day Money-Back Guarantee!

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Loan & Bank Refund Claim Software 2008

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