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Costing-Templates PRO provides Excel templates that show you how traditional overhead cost allocation system, using labor hours or dollar sales as the basis of overhead cost allocation can be improved by applying modern cost allocation systems (templates) that treat overheads as flexible and capacity resources.

Using Costing-Templates PRO you can allocate overheads more accurately for calculating real product and divisional costs, contributions to profits, and for estimating/pricing data. Costing-Templates PRO helps you focus on how overheads can be managed more efficiently, and will help you identify unprofitable products or services and eliminate unproductive overhead resources.

With Costing-Templates PRO you can calculate your unit overhead cost drivers to link indirect and overheads costs more directly to products and customers.

Costing-Templates PRO provides you with Excel spreadsheets that calculate product/divisional costs and profit margins using direct volume allocated overhead costing systems, variable volume and transaction overhead allocation systems, overhead cost pooling systems, and the Activity Based Costing (ABC) system which uses real activities and cost hierarchy methods to focus where and why overhead costs are consumed.

The costing formulas are fully readable in the open Excel worksheets.

Costing-Templates PRO For Excel
For all versions of Excel

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Costing-Templates PRO supplies overhead cost application templates, materials receiving ledger form template, marginal costing calculations for products/product lines, departmental budgets, inventory economic ordering quantities (EOQ) and price decision/target costing equations, for all companies.

  1. The traditional method template for allocating overhead costs over all sales outputs or labor staff costs.
  2. The Variable Overhead Cost allocation method (VOC) using cost drivers.
  3. The Activity Based Costing (ABC) system.
  4. Applying the ABC system to calculate marginal costs and prices.
  5. Applying the VOC and ABC systems to find and eliminate unproductive overheads costs.
  6. Economic Order Quantities to minimise inventory holding costs.
  7. Pricing (costing) templates - transfer pricing calculations - target costing methods.
  8. Materials receiving ledger account template, stores requisition template, job costing template.
  9. Depreciation tables.

Cost-Templates PRO supplies clear directions and explanations.

The Budgeting template (below) uses the VOC system to identify surplus overhead costs:

The ABC system calculates cost drivers applied to activity cost centers, supplying more accurate profit/loss data extracted from business divisions and product reporting.

Use the Marginal Costing-Pricing template to calculate the real marginal costs of your sales $.

EOQ is the ordering quantity level that minimises the costs of your holding and purchasing inventories whether you are a distributor or manufacturer based on output levels, transaction and holding costs. Costing-Templates PRO provides the template for calculating the quantity discount level that delivers the lowest overall inventory cost, including costs of storage, finance and processing expenses:

The Inventory template provides high and low stock warnings for individual stock item in Excel, calculates the current weighted average cost per unit held in stock, the total number of units and total value in stock. Use this template to create the inventory list control system next right.

System Requirements

Requires MS Excel Excel97/Excel 2000/Excel XP or later or MS Office 97 or later.

Platform : Windows XP/ Me/ 9x/ NT/ 2000 or Mac

Web data requires Excel 2000 and above and MS Windows XP/2000/2003 or later.


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System Requirements

Platform : Windows or Mac  &  MS Excel 95/Excel97/Excel 2000/Excel XP/Excel 2002/Excel 2003 or MS Office 7(95) or later.


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