Annualized ROR on a bond investment
Investment-Calc PRO for Money Market and Bond Investments for Excel

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When you want to calculate the simple and real yields from fixed, variable or zero interest bonds, or produce yield curves, calculate bond prices in any yield environment, Investment-Calc for Money Market and Bond Investments will provide you with quick answers using our pre-programmed Excel tables. This program supplies six spreadsheets for calculating the annualised yields to be gained from holding fixed interest, variable and zero interest bonds purchased on any date at any price with any coupon with any redemption date. You can also calculate the annualised rate of investment returns earned holding any money market security between two short term time periods using our new pre-programmed tables for calculating short term fixed interest CDs. If you want to issue your own CD or bond, Investment-Calc PRO calculates the Original Issue Discount (OID) and the issue price required to yield your target rate of return.

Investment-Calc RO for Money Market and Bond Investments  

Investment-Calc RO for Money Market and Bond Investments provides quick answers to price, yields to redemption and OID (Original Issue Discount) for T-Bills, CDs and Fixed, Variable and Zero Coupon Bonds.

Original Issue Discounts, Pricing and Rate of Return calculations for T-Bills, CDs, Commercial Paper and Bills of Exchange are all provided in this spreadsheet.

Use this spreadsheet for quick calculation of the total investment yields from a fixed interest bond with any settlement, redemption price and coupon rate. Any combination of Day Count Basis and Frequency can be selected. The Duration figure will tell you how long it will take to recover your original investment. Duration is used to compare the total return values from different bonds.

This spreadsheet calculates the yield from zero coupon bonds.

This spreadsheet calculates the variation in bond prices (row F16 >) in any yearly yield environment as years move forward from the settlement date. The lower table calculates bond prices (column F21 & downwards) with increasing yield increments for any coupon rate, settlement and redemption dates to create the reverse yield curve chart to the right.

This program is included in All Programs Gold Edition Collection of Business Support Programs for Excel which contains also many other business support programs for Excel.

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