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The NPV-IRR worksheet calculates annual cash flows and Net Present Values using accelerated depreciation tax calculations if required.

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Additional Information

Page 1.Excel Cash Flow Analysis - prepare a 1-15 year cash flow forecast

Page 2.Automatic Excel calculations of annual repayments of loan & lease principal

Page 3.Sensitivity Excel Analysis calculations - maximum rate of return position

Page 4.NPV-IRR analysis Excel spreadsheet - values for any capital investment

Page 6.Excel Templates : NPV-IRR worksheet annual cash flows and Net Present Values

Page 7.Capital investment projections Recalculations Excel Spreadsheet

Page 8.Two Economic Value Added Excel worksheets - EVA Excel Templates

Page 9.Forecast cash flows Excel Templates over 1-30 years by automating calculations using constant ratios

Page 10.Excel Spreadsheet - compounded interest totals for an investment deposit

Page 11.Excel Templates to value company shares using current free cash flows

Page 12.PV Table 1 calculates PV of annual recurring amount for Cash Flow Analysis

Page 13.PV Excel Table 2 calculates the PV of any future amount received until 30 years

Page 14.Excel Tools to handle the rate of return and present value of any forecast pattern of cash flow income and expenses

New In Version 7.3

Excel Cash Flow Analysis - prepare a 1-15 year cash flow forecast

Imported financial data transposed to easy lookup combo boxes

Start calculating NPV & IRR using Goal Seek as well as Excel IRR

Preparing Base Case Investment Appraisal and risk adjustment figures using these instructions and templates

After tax analysis Base Case forecast adjusted by varying unit volumes and price levels

Use Continuing Value calculations to include project value beyond the forecast period

Quick NPV/IRR forecasting schedules for annual projections (to 60 years) and monthly (to 120 months)

Share Valuation: Value on earnings or cash flow projections

Basic accounting returns & EBIT forecasting, and IRR of a profit forecast

Capital Project analysis with detailed expense and income itemizations

Valuing a lease purchase


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Additional Information: Investment-Calc Pro For Cash Flow Analysis

Require Excel 97 or greater.

Os : Windows or Apple Mac        

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All Programs Gold Edition of Business Support Programs for Excel - contains Investment-Calc Pro and many other programs

System Requirements

Platform : Windows or Mac  &  MS Excel 95/Excel97/Excel 2000/Excel XP/Excel 2002/Excel 2003 or MS Office 7(95) or later.


30 day money back guarantee!

Additional Information: All Programs Gold Edition
OS : Windows 95, 98, ME, NT/2000 or XP

Excel 97 or later. Web data requires Excel 2000 or above and Windows XP/2000/2003 or later.

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