With Address Organiser PRO 2.0 you can add three destination ID tags to each email address in your Address Book. You can select multiple addresses on any combination of your tags, mix and match tags, select all tags or just one tag, and save messages with all selected addresses attached for later repeat sends.

You can mix and merge addresses tags to fit the exact audience you want to reach for any new message. Any combination of address tags can be selected. To add addresses use the Address Book, to create tags use the Add Tags tab, to select addresses for a new message go to the Select & Mail tab, to send message move to the Review and Send tab.

For information how to use tags to select any combination of email addresses, click here.

Persons receiving your messages distributed through Address Organiser PRO read your email as coming from your own personal email address (you select your Send from address in the My Account tab). All returning replies to your message are posted back to your own personal email address account. Replies are not sent to or received by your Address Organiser PRO account.

The program sends you confirmation each time a message is despatched. Each address confirmation flashes up momentarily on your screen.

When you move between the pages of Address Organiser PRO please use the program tabs. Avoid using the Back or Forward commands on your browser as this will lead you into an unrecoverable blank page.

Mail Speed Benchmarking

Address Organiser PRO uses the latest internet technology to despatch queues of emails ten time faster (approximately) than the times required using regular email programs using high speed modems.

Our Address Organiser PRO benchmark test sent a test email containing 6 lines of message to a queue of 500 addresses in 58 seconds. Mail delivery speed = 8.6 emails per second.

A second test email containing one line of text sent to 100 addresses took 11 seconds. Mail delivery speed = 9.1 emails/second.

Average mail delivery speed (approximately) = 533 emails per minute.

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My Account

Use the My Account tab to select which address you want to use as your Send from address for each individual message. This is the address the receivers of your message see as coming from you. Your current Send from address is displayed at top center.

Your confirmed purchase email address and name will already be inserted into the Send from address box when you start using the program.

You can add additional email addresses owned by you. Select the Add new button to start adding a new email address.

When you want to add an additional email address, Address Organiser PRO sends a 4-digit security code to the new address as security and confirmation check. Retrieve the code from the new address; enter into the security code box and confirm the new address.

The software is programmed to allow users four attempts to enter their 4-digit security code. On the fourth failed attempt the account is temporarily suspended pending our contacting you to establish the problem.

Greetings: Select how you want to start each message (Hi!, Dear, Hello, etc). Select to include each recipient's first name only or first and last names, or just the last name. (You can adjust these selections when you are creating a message).

Signature: Your messages will sign off with your signature text.

The Preferences panel currently contains the switch Help on and off selector. Coming soon will be date formatting and time zone settings.

Address Book

The Address Book lists all addresses that you input or which have been imported from your PayPal account. The number of addresses that you can add is limited by the subscription level selected (75/250/500/15,000).

In your address book all your PayPal customers are indicated with a tick in the PayPal column.

Added denotes addresses that you have added through the keyboard (see Select Address item 1).

In the new Gold edition version (coming soon/July 2003):

Follow the procedures for adding a new address and related information into the Address Book.

When you start using Address Organiser PRO there are no tags available to assign to your addressees. To create a list of tags that you can use (you have unlimited tag capacity) click the Add Tags tab.

Add Tags

Use Add Tags to add new description and/or destination tags to your current list and manage your current list of tags. Tags are used as your criteria to select addresses. You can attach up to three destination tags.

If you want to use Address Organiser PRO only for selecting PayPal addresses, you can ignore adding tags.

How to organise message delivery tags (examples):

Select & Mail

The Select & Mail tab subdivides into your Outbox, Select Addresses, Enter Message, Review and Send.


Lists messages that have been sent or are waiting to be sent. Sent messages are ticked. The number of addresses selected for each message distribution is shown in the Addresses column.

Using previous address lists: After you have selected your addresses in the Select Addresses tab and sent a message, the message and all addresses attached are saved in your Outbox. Please note that the total number of saved messages is limited according to your subscription level.

If you want to send new messages to the same address list, select the old message and click Edit. Change the message to the new content and send. The message is despatched to all addresses on your list.

To start selecting addresses for a new message or create a new address list, click the Send new email button on the right of the screen.

Select Addresses

Address Organiser PRO provides four email address selection options:

New arriving PayPal email addresses automatically update your Address Book and are denoted as PayPal addresses with a tick.

If you do not use PayPal you can ignore the PayPal address selection option. If you have PayPal and use Address Organiser PRO to send emails to your PayPal customers only, you can select addresses just from the PayPal address option, and there is no need to add addresses into your Address Book or add tags.

Choose the combination of tags and/or PayPal criteria that defines your email addresses selection.

Addresses that match your selections appear in the Addresses panel when you click the Get matching addresses button.

When you have completed your address selections, click Get matching addresses at the top of the selection panel, review your email list and delete those that are not required (if any), and proceed to create your message.

You can delete unwanted addresses by clicking the address with your mouse in the right hand panel and deleting.

Saving address lists: When you have created an address list and sent your message, the message and address list are saved in your Outbox. To use the address list again, select the message, click Resend, change the message and send.

Below are some examples of how to select multiple addresses and distribute the same message.

Send a message to all addresses with tag 1 and all those with tag 2 and all those with tag 3, etc:
If you have tagged some of your addresses "client" and some "office staff" and you want ALL addresses with ALL tags selected to receive notification of your office closing days over a holiday period, follow these steps:

  1. Select the tick box to the left of the Select and add any tag option.
  2. Select "client" from the right hand panel and click the < arrow to add client. (To remove, select the tag and click the > arrow).
  3. Select "office" from the right hand panel and click the < arrow to add office.
  4. Click the Get matching addresses button at the top of the panel, all clients and all office staff addresses appear in the Addresses panel to the far right.
  5. Create your holiday notification message and send.

Send a message to only addresses that combine tags:

If you have tagged some of your addresses "client" and some "local" and some "inactive" and you want ONLY inactive local clients to be sent email invitations to a house presentation, follow these steps:

  1. Select the tick box to the left of the Select on all tags option.
  2. Select "client" from the right hand panel and click the < arrow to add the client tag. (To remove, select the tag and click the > arrow).
  3. Select "local" from the right hand panel and click the < arrow to combine client with local.
  4. Select "inactive" from the right hand panel and click the < arrow to combine client with local with inactive.
  5. Click the Get matching addresses button at the top of the panel, all client addresses that are local and inactive appear in the Addresses panel to the far right.
  6. Create your presentation invitation message and send.

Select PayPal only in the Select Addresses sub tab:

If you want to send an auction announcement to buyers from previous auctions, follow these steps:

  1. Select the tick box to the left of the Auction payments option.
  2. Select "Auction" from the right hand panel and click the < arrow to add it. (To remove, select the tag and click the > arrow).
  3. Click the Get matching addresses button and now all (and only) PayPal customers that have purchased through an auction previously are selected.
  4. Create your auction announcement and send.

Enter Message

Create your message, make sure the greeting selections and Signature texts are correct, then move to Review and Send.

Review and Send

Review your message and select either Send Later or Send Now. The message will be listed in your Outbox. When you Send now you will see message sent confirmations flash up on your screen as each message is despatched.

Address Organiser PRO imports information sent from your Instant Payment Notification (IPN) system. IPN is provided by PayPal specially to assist the exporting payment data to databases like Address Organiser PRO.

When you create your Address Organiser PRO account DO NOT ENTER your PayPal password when setting your security password for ESP. Your PayPal password is confidential only to you, and Address Organiser PRO does not require this password to import IPN data.

My PayPal lists all your new PayPal payment records between selected dates, and reports receipts in PayPal international currencies. To review your sales and net sales (minus fees) between any dates, enter the date period. The email address of each PayPal buyer is added to your Address Book automatically.

My PayPal reports all new transactions from the start of your Address Organiser PRO account.

Records Capacity Levels

There are three database record capacity levels: 150 – 1,500 – 15,000. Your number of records in use is defined as:

Obsolete addresses and outbox messages can be deleted to make way for new records.

With the Gold edition you can import names and email addresses from MS Outlook and Excel and export address files into Outlook and label print software. (Coming soon).

Test Account

Independent Software

Address Organiser PRO 2.0 has been developed independently of PayPal. Nothing contained within this web site should be construed as implying endorsement by PayPal or eBay in any way. PayPal® and eBay® are register trademarks owned by eBay.


A condition of use of Address Organiser PRO is that the program should be used only to send emails to persons with whom the sender has had prior business or personal contacts. Any account that is used to distribute unsolicited messages to unknown recipients will be closed.


organ.gif (4651 bytes)

To hide these help messages, uncheck the Show help messages box. To hide the My PayPal tab and all other PayPal items, uncheck the Show PayPal controls box. Click the Save button to make the new preferences take effect.


Show help messages

Show PayPal controls

Select any of your alternative email addresses that you want to send your email message from. The current selected address is also displayed at the top of the page. To delete the selected account, click the Delete button.

To enter a new address you will need to enter a 4-digit confirmation code which will be sent to your new email address as a security check.

Send from:




Default email settings



First name

Last name


Account status

This account is verified and can be used to send emails.

Address Book

To add a new address to your address book, click the Add new address button.







Selector Tags




There are no addresses in your address book.

Add Tags

To add a new tag, type its name in the New tag box, then click the Add button.


There are currently no tags defined.

New tag

organselect.gif (7219 bytes)

Your outbox shows the emails which have been sent or are waiting to be sent.

To send a new email, click the Send new email button.







There are currently no messages in your outbox.

My Paypal

Customer email addresses are added to your Address Book and marked as PayPal addresses.

Use the drop-lists to choose the range of dates (up to 1 month apart) then click the Go button. When customers pay you in any of the allowed PayPal international currencies the sales report expands to include the appropriate currency values.

Show receipts between:




Paid By





Item Name/Service

Item ID



There are no records between the specified dates.

ADDRESS ORGANISER PRO 2.0 is supplied as part of the Gold Disk Edition Collection.

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