Portfolio Manager - Portfolio-Calc PRO 3.0

Tracks paper and real stock trades with Beta values, industry sector and exchange traded assigned to each stock. Program calculates the return for each stock, by sector and by exchange and works out your overall beta value for your current portfolio (how risky). Current market indexes and hot stock web imports*.

*Web data requires Excel 2000 or later.


portfolio calculation


Portfolio-Calc PRO helps you manage your stock investments with Excel by calculating the return for each stock, by sectors and by markets.

Stock betas (risk/volatility within a stock relative to market risk) change every month. Some stocks become more volatile and risky, some less so. Portfolio-Calc calculates your weighted portfolio risk (beta) value based on latest betas retrieved from Yahoo Finance. Portfolio-Calc helps you evaluate whether to rebalance your portfolio to higher or lower risk levels.

Portfolio-Calc helps you build your own Excel database of stocks and symbols, add trading exchange, industry sectors and beta values to track your stocks. Record transaction for all buy-sells, lookup return for any stock carried in your database. Summary report calculates the rate of return for the portfolio for each industry sector and for each exchange.

Stocks Database

Transaction spreadsheet plus Lookup the price and beta from your portfolio.

Look up any stock current holdings, price and return.

Compilation or returns and overall beta weight (risk profile). Market risk = 1.0 (always).

One of Customer Comments

« Your clever financial spreadsheets have changed my business approach and methods and they have been a milestone for me. » - John.

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Portfolio Manager 3.0 is included in All Programs Gold Edition Collection which contains also many other business support programs.

System Requirements

Platform : Windows or Mac  &  MS Excel 95/Excel97/Excel 2000/Excel XP/Excel 2002/Excel 2003 or MS Office 7(95) or later.


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