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New! Property Purchase & Sale PV tables help make it easy to calculate the exact purchase and sale terms that maximise the Present Value of any property financing plan.

Negotiating a sale? Seller's PV table guides you how to structure property sale and financing terms that yield the highest total cumulative value in today's dollars, including if you (or your client) wish, a junior mortgage.

Negotiating a purchase? Buyer's PV tables guides you to the offer terms that will maximise the Net Worth and rate of return of the property by structuring the offer price, deposit amount, principal and junior mortgage terms, to your (or clients') total advantage. Includes property future value forecasts. No amortization schedules are required; Excel calculates all monthly mortgage repayments, balloon repayments and present values of future dollars.

Rental Present Values: With stock market and bond returns flat on their back you or your client may be turning your thoughts to investing in a second property, retail, or maybe apartment rentals. Add Rental PV for quick calculation of the annual rate of return of any property rental opportunity. Using our dynamic investment calculation tables in Excel to create cash flows, mortgage repayments, closing balances, sell dates and end sale values to find the maximum return conditions. Calculate the net present values and after tax investment rate of return for any property (including your own new home with a rental suite). Allows split mortgage repayments with differing repayment periods plus any sale date up to 250 months after the purchase date.

Really popular program helps you fine-tune sale or buy terms of any property deal so that you come out on top.

If you set the terms for a property at $500,000 cash now, the Present Value is (of course) $500,000. But if you negotiate a junior mortgage as part of the deal then how you negotiate the terms of the financing can create a substantial higher Net Worth for you over the term of the mortgage. As a buyer you want to adjust the terms of the deal so that you minimise the real cost over time of your purchase. As a seller you will want the reverse.

Two screens below show how your profit for the same property varies with different buy/sale terms. You can use this table to mix and match term variations to maximise your final buy-sell gains.

Sale terms – 1 Valuation = $623,862.

Sale terms – 2 Valuation = $766,088. The higher loan provided and longer balloon term yield an improvement in final value expressed in present day dollars.

Buyers gain and rate of return on deposit calculations change by varying the financing terms.

Rate of return on deposit – 31.07% p.a.

Rate of return on deposit with new terms – 45.9% p.a.

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Platform : Windows or Mac  &  MS Excel 95/Excel97/Excel 2000/Excel XP/Excel 2002/Excel 2003 or MS Office 7(95) or later.


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