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Excel Templates for financial planning

Windex 2010 calculates all major financial ratios in Excel from your balance sheet and income statements.

Rate of Return on Assets (ROA)
Rate of Return on Common Equity (ROE)
Return on Capital (ROIC)
Common Earnings Leverage
Cash Flow from Operations/Total Cash Flow Ratio
Cash Flow from Investments/Total Cash Flow Ratio
Cash Flow from Financing/Total Cash Flow Ratio
Operating Cash Flow/Current Liabilities Ratio
Operating Cash Flow/Total Liabilities
Operating Cash Flow/Capital Expenditures
Working Capital/Current Liabilities Ratio
Working Capital/Long Term Liabilities Ratio
Working Capital/Total Debt Ratio
Working Capital/Current Assets Ratio
Working Capital/Total Assets Ratio
Income Tax Expense/Revenues Ratio
Total Assets Turnover Ratio
Fixed Assets Turnover
Current Ratio
Acid Test (See note for Quick Ratio)
Accounts Payables Turnover
Days Accounts Payables outstanding
Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio
Days Receivables Outstanding Ratio
Inventory Turnover
Days Inventory Outstanding
Total Debt to Equity Ratio
Total Debt Coverage ratio
Long Term Debt Ratio
Long Term Debt to Total Assets
Long Term Debt to Shareholder Equity
Total Liabilities/Total Assets
Interest Coverage Ratio
Altman's Z (Solvency) Ratio.

Windex 2 Period & 5 Period Comparisons

For month, quarter, year end financial ratio reporting

Windex (2) plus Windex (5)

For quick calculation of financial ratios start by entering your balance sheet data for 2 or 5 periods into Windex.

WINDEX (2) supplies ready made balance sheet and income templates for quick entry of results or forecasts for 2 periods.

WINDEX (5) supplies ready made income statement/forecast templates for 5 periods.

Windex (2) & (5) calculate cash flows from changes in balance sheets and income statements

Both Windex (2) & (5) calculate annual cash flows automatically from changes in balance sheets and income statements

Financial ratios with explanation and equation notes are displayed in the Ratios worksheet in Windex (2) only. (Windex (5) does not provide interpretive analysis of period-to-period changes).

WINDEX (5) supplies a complete analysis of ratios from the 5 year forecasts or last actuals.

Plus the Quick Financial 5 Year Summary in Windex (5).


Core Ratio Analysis

Windex 2 Excel Spreadsheets

Windex 5 Excel Spreadsheets

System Requirements

Excel 2000 or  above and MS Windows XP/2000/2003 or later.


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Financial Ratios with Excel

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