Sales Leads in Excel

Our Sales Leads in Excel supplies over 10 million sales contacts and addresses sorted in to 51 States.Excel 2007 has expanded capacities from 65,000 maximum rows in Excel 2003 to one million, and this enables Excel 2007 to provide this huge store of of sales leads.

Users can sort sales leads using any combination of values: SIC code* (six digit codes), annual sales values (sort 'greater than' values) , City (Text filter), State, Zip code (numbers filter), and/or Numbers of employees. * A quick SIC look up Excel form enables users to pinpoint the exact SIC business sector they want to filter contact names, addresses, telephone numbers etc. Excel makes it really easy to sort records using SIC numbers as the basis.

Address fields include first and last contact names, job titles, company names, street address, city, county, state, zip code. Telphone numbers are included.

Users can attach sorted contact names, addresses and zip codes in Excel 2007 to a Word 2007 Mail Merge file. The Sort dialog in Word Mail Merge can be used to filter and select address lists at one or more levels to provide just the right sales targets.

If your firm operates outside the USA you can filter the 10 million business address information to supply addresses of importers, distributors and sales agents in any one of the 51 States.

Please note that despite the advisory below you WILL NOT be able to download the Sales Leadds 2008 files immediately after ordering. Fifty one files are just too large to download, the largest (California.xlsx) is 650 MB and several others are nearly as large. The download file provides an introductory tour ONLY plus guidance notes how to prepare a sales leads list to link to Word 2007 Mail Merge. We will ship the Sales Leads 2008 CD to you as soon as we receive your order confirmation. You do not need to select CD shipping in the order form. Free shipping is included.


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System Requirements

Requires Excel 2007 or later.

Platform : Windows XP/2000/2003 or later or Mac ( not for all programs)  


Please note that you also may want to purchase our 'Financial Excel Collection' - large collection of financial programs - as it contains this product.

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Sales Leads in Excel

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